Treasurer / Collector

*****2nd Quarter Taxes Due November 1st*****
Please notify our office at 781-585-0409 if you have not received your tax bill, especially if you have a P.O. Box that needs to be included/updated.


The Treasurer/Collector's Office has a secured drop box located to the left of the Town House entrance labeled Treas/Coll Drop Box. ALL TAX Payments can be left in the drop box if you cannot make it into our office during regular business hours. Please call 781-585-0409 if you need to make other arrangements or if you are having difficulty with the timing. We'll be happy to accommodate you as much as possible.


The Treasurer's office receives and deposits the towns money. The Treasurer pays the bills for vendors, payroll, notes due, and manages all the Towns bank accounts. The Treasurer can borrow money for approved projects and pursue delinquent tax accounts. The Treasurer reports to the Department of Revenue and the Town Accountant on the fiscal accounting of the Towns money.

Tax Collector

The Tax Collector is responsible for collecting real estate, personal property, and motor vehicle taxes.

Functional Responsibility:
  • The Treasurer / Collector's Office is committed to collect all billed revenues due and owing to the town, in a prompt and courteous, fair manner and within the confines of all statues.
  • Maximize all investments of the Town's funds.
  • Conduct Tax Takings, Foreclosures, Sales and Auctions.
  • Bonding, Borrowing and Credit Rating for Town Fiscal Projects and Activities.
  • Court Judgments, Bankruptcies.
  • Process and Control Town Employee Fiscal Matters:
    • Payroll, Annuities, Employee Benefits, Group Insurance, Unemployment Compensation, and Workmen's Compensation Insurance.
  • Assist all citizens of the Town in addressing any related fiscal matter.

Staff Contacts


Treasurer / Collector

(781) 585-0409 ext 107

Assistant Treasurer/Collector

(781) 585-0409