General Policies

  1. The responsibility and authority for interpreting and enforcing all rules and regulations rests with the Board of Selectmen and the Burial Agent.
  2. Anything, whether stated specifically or not, which, in the opinion of the management of the Hillcrest Cemetery, could pose a hazard to the crew or to the public, is a maintenance problem, or is contrary to community standards will be removed by cemetery staff without notice as cemetery scheduling permits.
  3. Enclosure plantings or flowerbeds are not allowed on top of grave spaces. Perennials or ground covers are prohibited.
  4. All plantings, urns, vases (non-glass), and seasonal decorations must not extend beyond 12” from a vertical marker. A “shepherd hook” is allowed but must be placed next to a vertical marker and hang out of the way of the mowers and crew. Only one shepherd hook is allowed per lot.
  5. Grave markers are allowed on individual graves but must be installed flush with the ground so that mowers may pass over them. Decorating them is prohibited.
  6. Lot owners or anyone are prohibited from placing on lots or graves any toys, cases, boxes, shells, cans, jugs, bottles, clothing, or any bric-brac of any description. Any decoration that is unsightly, deteriorated, or unattended will be removed and discarded without notice.
  7. Dogs and horses are prohibited from the cemetery.
  8. The Cemetery is not responsible for any theft or damage to grave stones, monuments, urns, benches, flowers or ornaments which may occur through accident, vandalism, weather or any other circumstances.