Community Preservation Committee

The CPC in Plympton is made up of nine members that include a member of the Conservation Committee, a member of the Historical Commission, a member of the Planning Board, the Highway Surveyor or his designee, a member of the Council on Aging and four members at large appointed by the Plympton Board of Selectmen.

Role of the Plympton Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Committee has 2 main roles:

  1. To develop a Community Preservation Plan (Plan) working closely with town committees, Department Heads and concerned citizens.
  2. To make recommendations for the use of CPA funds. The Committee does not initiate projects; rather it collects and reviews proposals submitted by individuals or groups. The CPC then makes recommendations to town meeting regarding the use of funds. Only town meeting can allocate and appropriate CPA funds.

Board Members

Name Title
Irving Butler, Jr. (Planning)
Richard Burnet (Con Com)
Deborah Anderson Vice Chair
Jane Schulze (Historical)
Susan Ossoff (CPC Liaison to Highway Department)
Judy Dudley Secretary
Nancy Butler COA Liason