Open Space and Recreation Plan 

Note that Plympton's 2016 Open Space Plan is under final review and the Committee expects the new plan to be posted in the Fall of 2018

In 2009, the Plympton Open Space Committee (POSC) and the Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) completed a draft of an Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) for the town of Plympton, which reflected the comments of many town residents. The Plan was approved by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs and is scheduled for renewal in July of 2016. The Plympton OSRP is a vitally important planning tool that the town uses to help preserve its historic and rural character and the quality of community life as these relate to open space, historical sites, and recreation. Filing an updated and approved OSRP with the MEOEA also qualifies the town to receive special grants to help fund the purchase of open space.

The Plympton Open Space Committee encourages residents to read the Plan and to submit comments or suggestions for projects that fall within the Plan’s current scope.

View the Plympton Open Space and Recreation Plan