Historic District Commission

The Plympton Historic District Commission reviews all changes to the built environment within the Harrub's Corner Local Historic District, which was established by vote of town meeting in 1971. Centered on the intersection of County Road (Route 106) and Lake Street, the district includes seven properties that together constitute the oldest village in the state where all the original dwellings still stand (parts of several homes date to the late seventeenth century). Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40c gives the commission the authority to protect and preserve the district's historic assets and character. To that end, the commission has developed district guidelines for administration of the law. Building and demolition permits may not be issued within the district without either a certificate of appropriateness, a certificate of non-applicability, or a certificate of hardship from the commission. 

Board Members

Name Title
Jonathan Shaw Chair
Stuart Chase Vice Chair
Richard Stover Board Member
Charles Nickerson Board Member
Marylouise Sayles Board Member