Tree Warden

The Plympton Tree Department, supervised by the Tree Warden, provides tree care and maintenance to public shade trees within the Town. This includes roadsides and on Town-owned land.

We carry out the care within the department and on occasion, hire a contractor for specialized services. Some of the services we perform are hazardous tree removal, preventative maintenance, supervision of utility clearance operations, planning, placement and planting of trees along community streets and Town property.

We respond to emergencies, such as tree-related power outages, blocked roadways and other requested services. Hearings will be held on planned removals throughout the Town, and will meet at the Town House when those meetings are called. Emergency removals or care are done on an as-required basis without a hearing.

Finally, we perform services independently or with other community groups and resources committed to the preservation of natural resources for our Town’s image and future.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
William N. Hayes, Jr. (339) 987-7096