Finance Committee

State Law requires that Plympton have a Finance Committee. As summarized by the Association of Town Finance Committees (Finance Committee Handbook, October 2000, p. 1-5):

Towns with a property valuation of $1 million or more must create (either by charter or by-law) a finance committee. In some towns it is known as the advisory, warrant or appropriation committee. Most committees are appointed by the moderator, although in some towns the selectmen are the appointing authority. In some cases, however, finance committee members may be elected.

In Plympton, Finance Committee members are elected.

The Finance Committee's prime responsibility is to make recommendations on all financial matters, including the budget, to Town Meeting. To make these recommendations, Finance Committee collects information from Town departments on their requested budgets, and balances this with total expected revenues for the year. Finance Committee receives these revenue estimates from the Town Accountant and the Assessor's Office. In addition, the Committee has oversight responsibility for all municipal financial matters.

Board Members

Name Title
Nathaniel Sides Chairman
Marilyn H. Browne Board Member
Kathryn Shepard Board Member
Steven Lewis Board Member
Michael Lemeiux Board Member