*** Note: All proposals must be received by
October 15 of the preceding year.

In addition to MCC guidelines, preference will be given to proposals submitted to the Plympton Cultural Council that indicate the following:

  1. New proposal ideas or those that have not received funding in the last two years.
  2. Proposals that demonstrate effective planning process.
  3. Proposals that include under-served populations such as elders.
  4. Proposals that provide access to people with disabilities.
  5. Proposals that have a local sponsor and an arranged site. (If you have not made these arrangements, contact local schools, libraries, clubs and other community organizations to see if they would be interested in your project/event. Then you can work with that organization on the grant proposal. ***You must indicate the agreement of the sponsor by adding documentation of the agreement or by having the sponsor apply for you.
  6. Proposals that can be implemented with partial funding, should that be decided upon by the council as a way of funding, and/or be implemented while waiting for reimbursement of funds.

We look forward to reading your proposals.

Martin Mitchell, Chairperson 781-582-8749

    FYI: Did you know that you can be involved in cultural pursuits and still be a volunteer for the Cultural Council? You can learn about grant writing and have a voice in your community. When there is a conflict of interest, you simply make that known and abstain from voting on that particular proposal.

   Please consider helping your Local Cultural Council.