Gas and Plumbing Inspector:

Building Application Procedures


If while constructing the foundation you find that soil conditions, ledge and/or other factors will force you to vary your actual layout from the planned layout, please be sure that, before you take such measures as pouring concrete, the variation will not infringe on the setback and height requirements. Also, that you are still in compliance with the Board of Health and Conservation requirements. You should check with the appropriate town officials, including the Building Department, to see if additional approvals are needed before continuing the construction of the foundation.

A certified "As Built" plan is required for all new construction foundations. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to insure placement meets all setbacks and height requirements.

No framing may take place before the "As Built" plan is filed with the Building Department and a Foundation Inspection by the Building Inspector has been done.

No backfilling may take place prior to a foundation inspection. After inspection approval you may backfill with proper support in accordance with Section 3402.42 of the Massachusetts State Building Code.

A set of the building plans reviewed by the Building Inspector and any notes shall be onsite during construction and inspections. Any changes in these plans shall be submitted to the Inspector prior to implementation.

Foundation: Prior to backfilling, after damp proofing prior to pouring if steel is required.

Chimney Throat:

Framing: Framing electrical and plumbing rough inspections, prior to insulation.

Insulation: Prior to wall board installation.

Final Inspection: Additions, Alterations and Renovations. After electrical and plumbing final inspections, also, Board of Health, Conservation and Fire Department inspections,
if applicable.

Additional Comments:

New Construction. After electrical and plumbing final inspections, Board of Health Certificate of Compliance, Conservation final approval, if applicable, and Fire Department inspection of furnace and detectors.

Proper frost line protection must be adhered to - this will apply to all foundations, including garages, additions, porches and decks. (All footings must be a minimum of 4 feet below finished grade.)

All cut members are to be properly supported.

Use proper type and amount of fasteners.

All needed hangers must be in place for inspection approval with all holes filled.

Safety gazing required in locations stated under Section 3401.7.2 Massachusetts State Building Code. Windows located in walls immediately surrounding tubs or showers shall be safety glass.

Any omissions on plans review do not reflect approval by building Department.
All work must comply with Massachusetts State Building Code.