Animal Control

Animal Inspector

Under the general supervision of the Board of Health, the Animal Inspector is responsible for the annual inspection of premises on which there are domestic animals.

On an annual basis, the Animal Control Officer visits facilities on which there are cattle (dairy and beef), swine, goats, sheep and horses, as well as poultry, mink, foxes, donkeys, mules, deer, buffalo, llamas, ostriches and other animals which are currently being raised and/or maintained in the town. The Animal Inspector inspects the premises as to general cleanliness, light, ventilation, and water supply; and inspects the animals themselves as to general physical condition and cleanliness.

The Animal Inspector issues animal disease quarantines in the case of a report of disease or animal bite; and issues and distributes quarantine notices. The Animal Inspector also investigates all reported cases of injury by biting or scratching of dogs or other animals, prepares written logs and reports, and provides advice and assistance to the public.

Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control Officer attends to all complaints and matters regarding dogs in the Town of Plympton, and inspects every premise holding a kennel license.

The Animal Control Officer is responsible for the supervision, maintenance and care of an animal control shelter in Plympton, and maintains the shelter in a humane and sanitary condition. He also catches and confines dogs within the town that have not been licensed as required by regulations.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Griffin Webb 781-479-7996