Annually, each mayor or board of selectmen appoints a veteran as Veterans’ Agent to assist and accept applications from unemployed, indigent, disabled, ill, injured, or veterans otherwise in need, or their dependents. The Agents interview the applicants, determine their eligibility, and file requests with the Commissioner for assistance.

If a veteran qualifies, the Agent will provide him/her with necessary financial assistance for food, shelter, clothing, housing supplies, and medical care in accordance with a formula that takes into account the number of his dependants and his income from all sources. All expenses are paid by the veteran’s hometown, and periodically, upon validation of the expenses, the Commonwealth reimburses 75% of those approved costs. The Commonwealth assists also in burial expenses for indigent veterans.

It is a modest program, separate from public welfare, but it provides for a veteran’s necessary support with the dignity to which he is entitled in view of the sacrifices he made in the service of his country. Dependents of deceased veterans are provided with the same benefits, as would the veteran if he were still living.

The Veterans’ Agents are available to anyone seeking information or assistance in the area of veterans’ benefits and services and can always be reached through their city or town halls. All citizens are encouraged to learn about veterans’ programs through their local Veterans’ Agents.

It is to be noted that the Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services has no formal affiliation with the U.S. dept. Veterans’ Affairs. The support we give to a deserving segment of our population through our locally based veterans’ assistance program is unlike that of any other in the nation and the envy of many other states.

Staff Contacts

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Roxanne Whitbeck Veteran (781) 585-3220