Building Department

The Building Inspector reviews plans for building construction, destruction or alterations for compliance with state codes, local by-laws, and other applicable regulations; conducts on-site inspections and issues building permits and certificates of occupancy. He answers inquiries from contractors, other officials and the general public concerning building codes and state statutes.

He enforces the Massachusetts State Building Code and inspects all schools, public buildings, residential, commercial and industrial installations to insure conformance to specifications and the Code. The Building Inspector performs specific inspections to investigate complaints concerning building code violations. If code or by-law violations are found, the Building Inspector issues a stop work order.

Additionally, the Building Inspector reviews all new subdivision and commercial development proposals and performs field inspections on all construction projects. He works with property owners, contractors, architects, design professionals, tradesmen, professional colleagues and others to achieve required compliance with applicable laws, by-laws; regulations and codes.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Thomas Millias Building Inspector (781) 585-0571
Douglas Hawthorne Gas & Plumbing Inspector (781) 585-0571
Thomas Millias Zoning Enforcement Officer (781) 585-0571
William Kelly Assistant Building Inspector 781-585-0571
Scott Peterson Alternate Wiring Inspector 781-585-0571
Scott Varley Wiring Inspector 781-585-0571
Thomas Bouchard Alternate Plumbing and Gas Inspector 781-585-0571