Bylaw Review Committee

Plympton By-law Review Committee – Purpose, Goals and Objectives, and Priorities

The Plympton By-law Review Committee was organized early in 2017 and held it’s first meeting on January 26, 2017. Selectperson Colleen Thompson led the kick off meeting and those in attendance discussed and agreed upon the following mission statement for this effort:

The Purpose of the Plympton Bylaw Review Committee is to conduct a continuous review and analysis of the Town Bylaws and recommend and present to any Town Meeting such changes by amendment, addition or deletion, as it is deemed necessary and desirable.  The ultimate purpose of this committee is to maintain the beautiful rural and agricultural nature of our town while supporting property owners’ rights, whether residential or business.

Plympton residents who are currently members of the By-law review committee are:

Dave Alberti, Jean Cohen, Amy Cronin, Jake Jacobson, Linda Leddy, Kim Russo, Ann Sobolewski, Ted Taranto, Ken Thompson, Alan Wheelock. Alan Wheelock is serving as Chair.

The plan for this board is for it to be permanent, thus providing for continuous oversight and updating of the town’s Zoning and Municipal By-laws.

Goals, Objectives and Priorities

  • Update and clarify the definitions found in both the Zoning By-laws and the Municipal By-laws.
  • Clean up grammar, punctuation, numbering, syntax, etc. throughout the 116-page document.
  • Work on ways to improve consistent enforcement of the By-laws and support the Zoning Enforcement Officer and the Board of Selectmen in their efforts to manage enforcement effectively.
  • Over time, work towards making certain that the By-laws reflect current generally accepted practices utilized by similar Massachusetts towns, are in alignment with state regulations, and reflect the preferences of the majority of Plympton residents.
  • Add, modify, and eliminate specific By-laws as appropriate.
  • In general, clarify and tighten the language in the By-laws to help make them easier to enforce and to strengthen Plympton’s position should litigation pertaining to a by-law or by-laws occur.
  • Prior to Town Meeting each year, prepare Warrant Articles with the Committee’s recommended By-law changes, additions, or deletions.

The By-law Review Committee meets at the Town House on the first and third Thursday of each month, beginning at 6:30 PM. The meetings are open and the public is encouraged to attend. It is also the intent of the Committee to continuously conduct outreach to and collaboration with all other Plympton Town Departments, including the Board of Selectmen, Zoning Board of Appeals, the Accountant, Treasurer, Finance Committee, Conservation Commission, Building Department, the Planning Board, Historical Commission, Board of Health, Town Clerk, Open Space Committee, Agricultural Commission, and Wage & Personnel Board.

Board Members

Name Title
Alan Wheelock Chairperson
David F. Alberti
Amy B. Cronin
Linda Leddy
Kimberly Russo
Ted Taranto
Kenneth Thompson
Jean Cohen