Driveway and Curb Cut Specifications

  1. No application will be signed prior to a site inspection by the Plympton Highway Department.
  2. During the construction process, the applicant will be responsible for the public way abutting his project. No equipment with metal grousers shall crawl on the public way without protecting the road surface with planks. Damage to the roadway surface will be repaired in a timely manner to the Highway Surveyor’s satisfaction. The roadway will be SWEPT DAILY.  Crushed stone will be placed on the driveway from the intersection with the public way extending in 25’.    
  3. All entrances shall abut the traveled way at the same level and shall extend to the property line with a minimum pitch of six (6) inches above road grade at the intersection. The minimum radius at the edge of the public way shall be ten (10) feet. Minimum width will be 23 feet.
  4.  Existing unacceptable material will be removed and replaced with a minimum of twelve (12) inches of gravel.         
  5. A drainpipe shall be installed under the entrance if deemed necessary by the Highway Surveyor to prevent a drainage problem on the public way.
  6. All driveways in subdivisions will require a bituminous concrete apron from the roadway to the property line. Bituminous concrete must be installed in two layers, four inches thickness total.
  7. The Town of Plympton reserves the right to impose further restrictions as deemed necessary by the Highway Surveyor.
  8. All work to be completed before the certificate of occupancy is issued.