Political Signs

Zoning Bylaws section 6.1.6 F (Exemption to the Sign Bylaw)

POLITICAL SIGNS shall be allowed as of right without a sign permit, in any district, provided that they conform in size to the provisions for the underlying district in which they are displayed, are displayed not more than a total of thirty (30) calendar days before or five (5) days after the event and provided that only one sign per candidate and per issue shall be allowed on any one premises~



1 sign per candidate per premesis with permission of owner

Signs may be displayed not more than thirty (30) calendar days before or five (5) days after the Election.

Signs may not be larger than 6 square feet in a residential zone. Anything over 6 square feet in any other zone, even if temporary, will require a building permit through the Building Department.

The Zoning Enforcement Officer has been enforcing the bylaws above. Signs erected earlier than allowed or that violate the Sign Bylaws will be removed and may be retrieved during regular business hours at the Town House.