Revised October 16, 2006

AUTHORITY: Chapter 41 - Section 108


A city by ordinance and a town by by-law may establish, and from time to time amend, a plan classifying any or all positions, other than those filled by popular election and those under the direction and control, of the School Committee, into groups and classes doing substantially similar work or having substantially equal responsibilities. Such city or town may in like manner or in a city by vote of the city council, subject to the provisions of its charter, and in a town by vote of the town at a town meeting, establish and from time to time amend, a plan establishing minimum and maximum salaries to be paid to employees in positions so classified, and such salary plan may provide for the attainment of such maximum salaries by periodical step-rate increases based on length of service. This section shall be construed to conflict with the provisions of chapter thirty-one. Any by-law adopted under the provisions of this section shall not be subject to section thirty-two of chapter forty.



Section 1. Definition

The official classification and compensation plans for the positions in the service of the Town of Plympton, except positions held by elected officials and position under the jurisdiction of the School Committee consists of classes listed by titles and assigned to compensation grades as set forth in the schedules following:

  • THE CLASSIFICATION PLAN. The official classification plan for the positions in the service of the Town consists of the classes listed by the titles in the following schedules which is hereby made a part thereof.


  • THE COMPENSATION PLAN. The official compensation plan consists of minimum and maximum rate of pay or single rates to be paid on an hourly, weekly, or annual basis to all employees in any position included in the classification plan as such rates from time to time shall be established by vote of the Town.
  • AMENDMENTS OF THE PLANS. The classification plan and the compensation plan and the provisions for the administration thereof may be amended by vote of the Town at the Annual Town Meeting.

Section 2 . The Wage & Personnel Board

  • It is important to provide a Wage & Personnel Board to administer the plans and to be sure that there is uniform interpretation and application throughout the entire Town.
  • There shall be a Wage and Personnel Board consisting of three unpaid members, who shall not be employed or elected officials of the Town, responsible for the administration and maintenance of the Classification and Compensation Plans. The membership of the Personnel Board shall be appointed by a Committee composed of the Moderator, a member of the Finance Committee and a member of the Board of Selectmen. Committee members to be designated by the respective boards where applicable. Each Wage & Personnel member shall serve for a term of three years.
  • If any member of the Wage & Personnel Board shall resign or otherwise vacate his office before the expiration of his or her term, his or her successor shall be appointed as provided above, to serve for the balance of the unexpired term. Each member of the Board shall serve until his or her successor has qualified.
  • Appointments to the Board shall be made within thirty days following the resignation or expiration of the term of the Board Member.

Section 3 . Duties of the Personnel Board

  • The board shall immediately following the annual appointments of the new members, meet and organize by electing a chair-person. A majority of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The votes of a majority of all the members of the Board shall be necessary on any matter upon which it is authorized or required to act.
  • The Board shall maintain written descriptions jobs or positions in the plan describing the essential characteristics, requirements and general duties. The descriptions shall not be interpreted as complete or limiting definitions and employees shall continue to perform any duties assigned by their superiors.
  • The Board shall establish such policies, procedures, and regulations as it deems necessary for the administration of the Classification and Compensation Plans and may employ assistance and incur expenses as it deems necessary, subject to appropriation of funds thereof.
  • The Board, by its own authority, may reclassify an existing position to a more or less valuable class or rate, or classify a new position if it shall have determined that such reclassification is consistent with the provisions of the Classification and Compensation plans. Such reclassification of a position, however shall be subject to the appropriations of the necessary funds to adjust to the compensation of the incumbent employee.
  • The Board from time to time shall review the work of all positions covered by the Plan, such reviews to be scheduled so as to cover all such positions at intervals of not more than two years.
  • The Personnel Board each year shall review the rate schedules. It shall keep informed as to the pay rates and policies outside the service of the Town and shall recommend to the Town any action deemed desirable to maintain a fair and equitable pay level.
  • Upon recommendation of a department head, by evidence in writing of a special reason and exceptional circumstances satisfactory to the Board, the Board may authorize an entrance rate higher than the minimum rate for a position, and such other variances in the plan as it may deem necessary for the proper functioning of the services of the Town. No variances shall become effective unless, the necessary funds have been appropriated thereof.
  • The Board shall make an Annual Report in writing to the Board of Selectmen for inclusion in the Town Report.

Section 4 . Amendments - Classification & Compensation Plan

  • Amendments to the Classification and Compensation Plan may be proposed in the following manners: by a motion of the Board itself; or by a signed petition addressed to and submitted to the Wage & Personnel Board and a copy thereof filed with the Town Clerk.
  • Upon such motion or petition request, the Board shall hold a hearing thereon, at which all persons interested shall be entitled to be present and be heard. Written notice of such hearing shall be given, not less than seven days preceding the date thereof, to the petitioner or petitioners, and to heads of the departments and employees affected.
  • The Board shall, after such hearing, submit a report with recommendations to a Town Meeting.

Section 5. Civil Service Laws

  • Nothing in this By-Law shall be construed to conflict with Chapter 3 1 of the General Laws of the Comm of Massachusetts.

Section 6. Effective Date

  • All amendments to the Plan shall become effective on the date of adoption thereof by the Town unless a different date is specified in the vote of adoption.
  • Compensation or step rate increases shall become effective on July 1, following the Annual Town Meeting adopting such.

Section 7. Classification of Full and Part Time Employees
Submitted annually.

Section 8. Increases

  • Every employee in a position for which step rates are provided, with the exception of Senior Secretary and Assistant to the Board will be granted an increase in compensation to a higher rate within his or her grade when he or she has completed the required period of continuous service. Retention of an employee at a step rate of compensation which is lower than his or her time of service warrants may be authorized by the Board upon the recommendation of a Department Head supported in writing of special reasons satisfactory to the Board.
  • Junior Secretary may be promoted to Senior Secretary and Senior Secretary may be promoted to Assistant to the Board only upon their supervisors recommendation and written approval by the Wage & Personnel Board.

Section 9. New Personnel

  • The hiring rate shall be the minimum of the rate range for the job unless otherwise authorized by the Wage & Personnel Board as per Section 3 G.
  • Every applicant for police or fire department employment by the Town shall be certified by a physician designated by the Town. The cost of any physical examination required by the section shall be paid by the Town.

Section 10. Transfers and Promotions

  • When an employee is promoted to a higher rated position, he or she shall enter it at the minimum rate for the appropriate compensation grade unless prior written approval is received from the Wage & Personnel Board.
  • If an employee is transferred to a lower rated position, he or she shall enter it at his or her rage in the position from which he or she is transferred. The wage of such employee, may be adjusted to the appropriate rate in the range for his or her new position within one year or by the Wage & Personnel Board.

Section 11. Employee Definitions

  • The Wage and Personnel Board shall classify positions as full or part-time, permanent or temporary employment using the following definitions.
  • Employee: An employee of the town occupying a position in the Classification Plan.
  • Full Time Employment: Employment for not less than 40 hours per week for fifty-two (52) weeks per year, minus legal holidays and authorized leaves.
  • Part Time Employment: Employment for less than full time employment as defined above.
  • Permanent Employee: An employee retained on a continuous basis in a permanent position as defined in B or C.
  • Temporary Employment: Employment in the town service which requires or is likely to require the services of an employee for a period not exceeding nine continuous months: special projects expected to last beyond nine months shall be classified on a case by case basis.
  • Temporary Employee: An employee retained in a temporary positions as defined in section E.

Section 12. Pay for Overtime Work

  • Any town employee who is paid an hourly rate and is requested by their department head to work more than 40 hours a week, shall be paid time and a half for all those hours worked over 40. Compensatory time may be taken in lieu of overtime at the discretion of the department head.


Section 13. Vacations (see memo for status change)

  • If at the start of the fiscal year (July 1) a permanent full time employee has worked for thirty weeks during the 12 months preceding, he or she shall be granted one week vacation leave with pay, and if he or she has been in contiguous service for twelve months, he or she shall be granted two weeks vacation with pay, after five years of service, he or she shall receive three weeks and after ten years of service he or she shall receive four weeks leave with pay.
  • Permanent part-time employees working no less than an average of twenty hours per week will receive compensation as described above for full time employees based on 1/52nd of the hours worked for the prior fiscal year.
  • Vacation leave shall be taken between July 1 & June 30 and shall not accumulate from year to year.


Section 14. Holidays (see memo for clarification)

  • The following Mass legal holidays will be observed as paid non-working days for all permanent full time employees. Permanent part time employees working an average of twenty hours per week will receive four ( 4 ) hours per holiday.

New Years Day    Martin Luther King Day
Presidents Day      Patriots Day
Memorial Day       Independence Day
Labor Day            Columbus Day
Veterans Day        Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day      Columbus Day

Section 15. Jury Duty

  • Any permanent full time employee called for jury duty shall receive from the Town an amount equal to the difference between his normal compensation and the amount (excluding any travel allowance) received from the court upon presentation of certification of the amount paid by the court. (Any payment made to the employee other than travel must be turned over to the town.)

Section 16. Sick Leave

  • Sick leave with pay shall be granted to permanent employees. Sick leave for full time employees shall be limited to 96 working hours annually which may be accumulated to 400 working hours. Sick leave may be granted during the first year of full time service not to exceed 8 hours for each month of service. Part time employees shall be entitled to one half of the above sick leave benefits. Notice of utilization of sick leave must be reported to the department head daily. After being on sick leave for five (5) consecutive work days, employees must submit a doctors certificate.

Section 17. Leave of Absence

  • Leaves other than those designated herein may be granted by the department head without compensation.

Section 18. Bereavement Leave

  • Paid leave not to exceed three ( 3 ) working days may be allowed for a death in the employees' immediate family, i.e. wife, husband, mother, father, children, step-children, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law.

Section 19. Call Firefighter

  • A Plympton Call firefighter determined injured on duty shall receive compensation equal to the difference between the insurance policy in effect at that time and the lowest rate of a patrolman under the Plympton Police Contract.

Section 20. Family and Medical Leave

  • Leave will be granted in accordance with provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. Eligible employees (one continuous year of employment of at least 1,250 hours) shall be granted family and medical leave in accordance with state and federal laws and the procedure established by the Wage & Personnel Board.
  • At least thirty (30) days in advance, the employee shall submit to the appointing authority a written notice of his/her intent to take family leave and the dates and expected duration of the leave. If thirty (30) days is not possible, the employee shall give notice as soon as practicable. The employee shall provide upon request by the appointing authority proof of the birth, adoption or placement. or take any other action relative thereto.

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