Board of Assessors

5 Palmer Road, Plympton, MA (781) 585-3227

In compliance with Chapter 40, Section 56 of M.G. L. the Board of Assessors conducted an assessment of all classes of properties in the Town of Plympton, MA.  This action was undertaken to comply with that section of the law that requires interim certification of Real and Personal property values.

Property Assessments for Fiscal Year 2016 are reflective of the Market Value as of January 1, 2015. The FY2016 tax rate is $17.66.

The goal of the Board of Assessors is to value properties as equitably and consistently as possible. Please e-mail, call, or visit for any property tax information.


Board Members

Name Title
Richard E. Nordahl
Jocelyn Anderson
Ethan C. Stiles

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Deborah M. Stuart Principal Assessor 781 585-3227
Wendy Jones Administrative Assistant 781 585-3227
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