Zoning and General By-Laws 2018

Plympton, MA

Please use the links below for more revision information and descriptions:
Zoning Bylaws (revision date:  May 16, 2018)
General Bylaws (revision date: August 30, 2018)
Edited September 11, 2018

Annual Town Meeting: May 16, 2018
Approved: Article 14, Zoning By-Law, Section 2 Administration
Approved: Article 15, Zoning By-Law, Section 1.3 Authority and Purpose
Approved with comments: Article 25 , General/Municipal By-Law, Article II-Removal of Soil, Loam, Sand or Gravel and Fees
“ must be applied in a manner consistent with the protections given to agriculture under state law”

Extension Agreement filed with first decision to December 3, 2018: Article 16, Zoning By-Law, Section 10 Temp. Moratorium Recreational Marijuana Establishments