Public Safety Building Committee

The purpose of the Public Safety Building Committee (PSBC) is to make recommendations to the BOS to help move this project to Town Meeting and ultimately to fruition.  In order to do this the PSBC will use the work of previous related committees as well as the “Plympton Town Complex Building Study” as a starting point.

The PSBC will work with Town advisors (Town Coordinator, Highway Department Supervisor, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Historic Commission, Garden Club, etc.) and an engineering consultant, as necessary, to achieve this goal.

The end result will be Police and Fire Department buildings that will not only meet today’s needs but which will remain viable and vibrant for years to come.

Board Members

Name Title
Harry Weikel, Jr.
Jon Wilhelmsen
Arthur B. Morin Jr.
Robert Karling
Ross MacPherson
Colleen E. Thompson Chairperson