Campaign to Create Two Brooks Preserve

Preserving Plympton's Future

One of the brooks in the proposed Two Brooks Preserve

The Campaign to create the Two Brooks Preserve

This September, the Town of Plympton has the opportunity to purchase 113 acres off Prospect Road.

This area has been identified as one of the most environmentally healthy and important areas in the region and state.  In July, the Plympton Board of Selectman voted unanimously to exercise their Right of First Refusal on this property (which was enrolled in the state Chapter 61 tax relief program) and signed a Purchase & Sale agreement.  Now the purchase depends on raising the necessary funds.

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Special Town Meeting

There will be a Special Town Meeting at 7pm on Thursday, September 20 to vote on whether to finalize the purchase of the Two Brooks Preserve.


Consider the benefits to the entire town

To the Editor of the Plympton-Halifax Express and the Residents of Plympton, I am writing to state my complete support of the Two Brooks Preserve project and to encourage any residents who are unsure of their position, or those who are planning to vote against this project, to look again at the materials available. The project website ( has links to all the information you could need to make an informed decision. Additionally, I am sure that members of the Open Space Committee and the Board of Selectmen would happily answer any remaining questions you may have or point you to the person who can answer your questions.

The Two Brooks Preserve project has been presented in several public forums - at the Town House, at the Library, on the Town’s website and through postings on social media. The Open Space Committee has carefully examined this land purchase opportunity. Experts have been hired to review the land and water, and their testimony has been presented to theTown at a Selectmen’s meeting. Financing this project has been given due consideration and a means of acquiring this property, without adding to the tax burden of residents, has been proposed. Questions have been asked and answered.

The Board of Selectmen have reviewed all this information and have decided to move forward with this project. Now the final decision is up to Town voters.

Allowing this property to be sold to another buyer would be a great loss to the Town. The specter of the possible alternatives – major earth removal or large-scale residential development – is worth consideration. The cost of these possibilities is financial, environmental andaesthetic. What the Town could gain in tax income from these types of projects would quickly be lost in additional services and road deterioration. The stress on the neighborhood is incalculable but would certainly escalate in the case of the land removal. The loss of this unique property, that encompasses a wide spectrum of habitat, would be a loss not only to the Town but also to the State, and could have environmental implications for the future.

This property is a beautiful example of why we all moved to Plympton and it should be preserved for all to enjoy. I encourage the residents of Plympton to vote “Yes!” at the Special Town Meeting to be held on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at the Dennett School.

Colleen Thompson, Main Street

It’s about keeping Plympton Plympton ...

Dear residents and concerned citizens of Plympton, As a former member of the Plympton Planning Board, Finance Committee, and Board of Selectman, and committed land preservationist, I am writing to express my support for the Two Brook Preserve project soon to be before the Special Town Meeting.

I would first like to thank the Open Space Committee, Community Preservation Committee, Board of Selectmen, the Atwood Family, any all others participants for their vision and commitment to work together to bring this exciting project forward.

As a former public official, in what is seemingly a rural community, I know all too well how surprisingly little permanently protected open space is actually owned by the Town, or any other land preservation entity. As a past President of the Wildlands Trust, a local organization committed to preserving “special” places in our region, and a long-standing member of its Land Protection Committee, I can further attest that Plympton has fallen behind in land protection not only when compared to surrounding communities, but with communities across the state as well.

In the face of this knowledge it has been heartening to see the many concerned citizens of Plympton have woken up to just how unique Plympton is, and how important our open space is in defining this uniqueness. We have begun to think and act beyond providing the basic needs of public safety, schools, roads, and related municipal infrastructure, and to begin to focus on quality of life issues as well. We adopted the Community Preservation Act, formed a Community Preservation Committee, completed an Open Space Plan, and amongst other projects completed the spectacular and regionally recognized Churchill Park at Jones River Brook & Cato’s Ridge Conservation Area.

Completing the Two Brooks Preserve Project can only help to move us forward in this new direction and to strengthen our resolve to work to keep Plympton, Plympton.

The flyer extoling the many benefits to residents of this project has no doubt reached all of your households. I can assure you, from my land protection efforts with the Wildlands Trust, that this property would rise to the top of any community’s list for preservation. What it does not tell, are the many potential downsides in failing to exercise our rights of first refusal, not the least of which is that the Town’s option to purchase is a one-time only opportunity.

I look forward to joining with you at the Special Town Meeting on the September 20th, and voting Yes for this most important project.

Howard Randall, Prospect Road

Water is essential to our town

Thinking about the Two Brooks Preserve I realize we have lived in Plympton for almost 57 years and seen many changes. Open lands have been built up and wetlands disappear.

We have wetlands on the back of our property, and a brook divides us and our neighbor. Wells were shallow years ago and often went dry for lack of water in the summer months. Water is essential to our community.

I think the Two Brooks Preserve proposal is the best thing that has happened in a long time, especially for the water, but also for all the other good things that come with this piece of property. I encourage my Plympton neighbors to support this project with their vote.

Thank you 
Helen Reynolds, County Road

This rich natural resource will strengthen the town’s wonderful, open, peaceful character...

Letter to editor, I am writing to express my whole-hearted support for Plympton’s purchase of the Two Brooks Preserve. Town ownership of this piece of land will provide a common resource for recreation, nature education and improved protection of our water supply. It will be a rich natural resource for our community. It is evident that the Open Space Committee, in spearheading this acquisition, has thoroughly thought through the process and is approaching the funding of it in a creative and fiscally responsible way to avoid cost to the residents and without any future tax burden.

When I served as Selectman, the town took action to adopt the provisions of the Community Preservation Act and it is exactly this type of project that we all envisioned as one of the benefits of its adoption. Acquiring this land will serve to strengthen the wonderful, open, and peaceful character of our town that we all point to when we say with pride that we live in Plympton!

Barry DeCristofano, Main Street

Mother Nature always keeps score...

This letter is in regards to the Two Brooks Preserve Project. I have lived in town a short time, compared to other residents. My daughter has grown up here in Plympton, went to school in Plympton and has enjoyed a lifestyle in this town that other neighboring communities cannot offer in terms of ruralness, quaint charm and the abundance of nature.

The Two Brooks Preserve Project came to my attention in January of this year and as a result of trying to conserve this property, I have attended many meetings and networked with other neighbors to make this a reality. Creating more open space in the town of Plympton for future generations to enjoy and appreciate is something very important not only in terms of the protection of vulnerable species but also to protect our well water and also illustrate to our children the concept of leaving this place we live in better than how we found it.

Once my generation is gone, those which follow will also have a place to walk, hike, take picturesque photos and maybe even delve into the rich history associated with this piece of property. They, will hopefully in turn, leave their environment better for the next generation.

It is a sort of insurance policy for environmental protection and the protection of valuable natural resources we have all come to rely upon.

We must understand this: Mother Nature is always keeping score, even when we don’t think she is. Constantly taking from the environment without giving back at some point will impact people in ways we may currently take for granted. It is our duty as “stewards” of the communities we live in to leave them in the best possible shape we can for ourselves, our children and our children’s children.

The lessons taught will be that of community service, networking and persistence. The lessons learned will be that of appreciation of what our environment provides us with every day such as clean water, open space and a sense of responsibility to this town in returning back to it a piece of property which should remain as it is now, wild and untouched.

Franny Walsh, West Street

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What can I do to help?

There are two important actions you can take if you want the Two Brooks Preserve to become a reality:

  1. Vote - Come to the Special Town Meeting on September 20 and vote 'Yes' to help fund the project with Community Preservation funds and short-term municipal bonding.
  2. Donate - Make a contribution.  Funds are needed to complete the purchase, cover related costs, and launch the Preserve.  Please see the "How to Contribute" section below for information on how to donate.

How to Contribute

The Plympton Open Space Committee has created a special gift account to which you can contribute.  All gifts are tax-deductible and will only be used for Two Brooks Preserve purposes.  The Town can only accept checks as payment, no cash or credit cards.

Make your check payable to Town of Plympton and write 'Two Brooks Preserve' in the memo line.  You can mail your check to the Open Space Committee at 5 Palmer Road, Plympton, MA  02367.  Please include a note with your name, address, email address, and the amount of the contribution.  Thank you!


One of the brooks in the proposed Two Brooks Preserve