About Open Space Committee

The Open Space Committee, consisting of five to seven members prepares and updates the Open Space and Recreation Plan for the Town. This plan focuses on the availability of open space, natural resources, and recreational opportunities in Plympton and recommends strategies for the acquisition, preservation and development of open spaces and long and short range goals for targeted land use. The Open Space and Recreation Plan provides a blueprint for the Town to optimally protect and use available undeveloped areas and natural resources. The Plan also serves as a foundation for more comprehensive planning efforts, such as the Town Master Plan or the Economic Development Plan, both of which address a range of Town issues impacting land preservation and recreation. Specific elements of the Open Space and Recreation Plan include: Plan Summary; Community Setting; Environmental Inventory and Analysis; Inventory of Lands of Conservation and Recreation Interest; Community Goals; Analysis of Needs, Goals, and Objectives; Five year Action Plan; and Public Comments.

Current Members:

  • Linda Leddy (Co-Chair)
  • Vicki Malone (Co-Chair)
  • Theodore Taranto (Clerk)
  • Gavin Murphy
  • Susan Ossoff
  • Jane Schulze
  • Alan Wheelock