COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates and Information

There are currently 28 positive cases of COVID-19 in Town. This figure can be broken down as follows: 25 as per most recent State data, plus the Town was notified of 3 additional positive cases that would not have been included in the State reporting.  We will update the case count on a weekly basis as new numbers are released, and more often if new information becomes available.

A few items to note:

Cases are typically considered cleared after 14 days.

Only people with a legal address in the Town of Plympton are included in the case count. Thus, these numbers do not take into consideration people who work in Town but live elsewhere, people who are visiting or staying somewhere other than their primary residence, and/or people who may have moved recently and have not updated their address accordingly.

The Town receives information on the number of cases via "MAVEN" (Massachusetts Virtual Epidemiologic Network) and via the comprehensive reporting issued by the State.  This information is received on a somewhat regular basis by the Town, weekly at a minimum, and as noted above, will be posted accordingly as often as it is received both here and on the Town’s Facebook page.

The Town's positive test rate percentage is 9.23, which is up from 7.42%.

For interactive maps and historic data, please click here to see the Commonwealth's COVID-19 Response Reporting Dashboard.


If you have questions during this emergency and you are unsure of who to contact, please Email us by clicking here and we will forward it to the appropriate office or Department.  For medical emergencies, please dial 911.


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