Press Release - Plympton Fire

For Immediate Release – Plympton Fire Department

As many people are aware, the Plympton Fire Department has been in a transitional state while the Town is exploring the various options that exist for continuing to provide dedicated and fiscally responsible service to the Town for years to come.  While continuing to examine the many facets of the Department’s leadership structure in particular, it became apparent that the existing arrangement was not working out.  As such, the Board of Selectmen voted during an Executive Session meeting held yesterday, May 21, 2018, to separate Mr. Philip Curran from employment with the Town.  The Department will continue to move forward under the capable oversight of the Town’s Fire Management Consultant, Chief Lance Benjamino, as well as through daily operations management coordinated by Captain Cheryl Davis and the exceptional men and women of the Plympton Fire Department.  We wish Mr. Curran the best of luck in his future endeavors.