2018 OFFICIAL Annual Town Election Results

May 19, 2018

SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2018
(Certified Results mailed to Secretary of State 05/22/2018)

Total Ballots Cast: 135
Total Registered Voters: 2234
Turnout: 6% 

SELECTMAN (Vote One for three years)
Christine M. Joy 123
Blank 12

ASSESSOR (Vote One for three years)   
Jocelyn A. Anderson 16
Blank 116
All Others 3

BOARD OF HEALTH (Vote one for three years)
Harry L. Weikel, Jr. 115       
Blank  19
All Others 3       

FINANCE COMMITTEE (Vote one for three years)
Nathaniel B. Sides 117
Blank 18   

FINANCE COMMITTEE (Vote for one for two years)   
Marilyn Browne 3
Blank 129
All Others 3         

LIBRARY TRUSTEE (Vote two for three years)
Kristine M. Boyles 119
Jim Lundgren 15
Linda Lawson 9     
Blank 124
All Others 3    

LIBRARY TRUSTEE (Vote one for two years)
Jim Lundgren 22 
Blank 110
 All Others 3             

PLANNING BOARD (Vote one for five years)
Jennifer MacDonald  116        
Blank 19

PLANNING BOARD (Vote one for four years)
Blank 132
All Others 3

SCHOOL COMMITTEE (Vote for two for three years)
Michael J. Antoine 103
Jill M. Palenstijn 107
Blank 60

SILVER LAKE REG. SCHOOL COMMITTEE (Vote for One for three years)
Maureen A. Springer102
Blank 32
All Others 1     

TOWN CLERK (Vote for One for three years)
Tara J. Shaw 123
Blank 11
All Others 1    

TREE WARDEN (Vote for One for three years)
William N. Hayes, Jr. 119
Blank 15
All Others 1