Census Forms and Dog License Applications

Dear Plympton Residents:

The 2017 Census/Street List Mailing was mailed and should have been received in the first week of January!

Included in this year's mailing are:

1. The Annual Street Listing to be updated (if necessary), signed by the head of household, and returned in the pre-addressed envelope. It should include all residents who live at your current address (including children). Please keep in mind that if the head of household has told us in the past that a voting resident no longer lives at the household, they cannot be eliminated until we receive a signed confirmation back from the voter per MGL, or they have been inacativated and 2 Federal Elections have passed with no voter history. Please use the following link to a blank form: Annual Street List Blank Form

2. Dog License application/renewal notice at the bottom of the Street Listing. You will find an abbreviated version of the following license application (2017 Dog License Application) on the bottom of your street listing. You may use and tear off that abbreviated version and mail it back with your census/street list form in the envelope provided with your payment (especially if you know that you have an updated rabies certificate on file with the Town Clerk). If you do not have an updated rabies certificate, please provide the Town Clerk's Office with a copy by mail or in person.

3. Online Payment/Order Processing for Dog Licensing links to Unibank:
Online payments/orders can only be processed if a current rabies certificate is on file with the Town Clerk. If you would like to email a scan or picture of a rabies certificate for us to print and file on our end, please email: town.clerk.asst@town.plympton.ma.us and make a note that you have paid online.

If you have any questions or have not received this documentation, you can find the documentation in this post or contact contact our office at (781) 585-3220. We would be happy to assist you.

Thank you!

Tara J. Shaw, CMC
Town Clerk
Tricia Detterman
Assistant Town Clerk


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